“We invest in the Metals that power the World and the People who Discover them”

Our Team


Nav Dhaliwal

Mining executive, financier and capital markets expert with strong track record of value creation.

Joseph Meagher

CPA with more than 15 years’ experience; robust public company finance and governance skill set.

Peter Damouni

20+ years in investment banking and capital markets, leading equity and debt financings totalling $5 billion+.

Carrie Cesarone

 20+ years in the capital markets as a paralegal.

Katrina Damouni

15+ years of equity and debt financing experience in the capital markets.  

Paris Sahi

5+ years in the financial markets.

Dominic Verdejo

15+ years of capital markets experience with a focus on the resource sector.

Kyle Takeuchi

CPA with more than 15 years’ experience in accounting for public and private companies

Danny Lee

Professional accountant (CPA,CGA) with over 15 years experience providing accounting services to public and private companies.

John Newell

35+ years’ experience in the investment industry acting as an officer, director, and portfolio manager.

Technical Team

Dale Ginn


Award-winning mining executive and geologist of 30 years, instrumental in numerous discoveries.

Karly Oliver


Geologist with 15+ years in mineral exploration and project management, specializing in gold and battery metals

Carl Ginn


Geologist with 10+ in gold and battery metals exploration, contributing to notable North American projects

Rick Boulay


 Geologist with 40+ years, blending exploration expertise with mining and infrastructure financing

Kelly Wynne


Geologist with 15+ years from mineral exploration to production, specializing in database management and GIS analysis

Devin Pickell


Geologist with 15+ years, focusing on gold exploration and underground production geology

Eric Munro


Geologist with 10+ years, contributing to exploration programs across Canada in various metals

Luana Yeung


Geologist with 5+ years, leading exploration teams and drilling projects in diverse metal projects

Allan Kathler


Geologist specializing in Archean lode-gold deposits, with 15+ years from prospecting to production

Nathan Tribble


Geologist with 15+ years in exploration and mining, focusing on gold and base metals exploration and project evaluation

Jeff Hrncir


Geologist with 15+ years, focusing on Precambrian tectonics and mineralization in the Black Hills gold district

Cameron Dorsey


 Mineral exploration geologist with years of experience working across Canada; including Quebec, Nunavut, Yukon, and British Columbia